Frequently Asked Questions

Is Physiotherapy covered by Manitoba Health?

No physiotherapy in a private practice setting is not covered by Manitoba Health

Who does cover Physiotherapy service?

Physiotherapy service is covered by WCB, MPI and most private insurance health benefit packages. Many of these payors can be direct billed for the customer's benefit.

Do I need to be referred?

No, Physiotherapists have direct access and therefore a referral is not required. Although many people's insurance coverage may require a referral so it is best to check your policy. We do prefer a referral when possible as it reinforces a good relationship and team approach with your physician.

What do Physiotherapists treat?

Physiotherapists provide a very holistic approach to treatment. The types of conditions we treat is extensive. Really anything which affects mobility usually can be addressed. Many think we only treat muscle problems but this is untrue and we have extensive training in treating joint issues as well. We utilize an extensive approach to treatment including ice/heat, modalities, traction, acupuncture, massage, joint mobilization, and exercise prescription. We are experts in prescribing mobility aids and braces and we pride ourselves on educating patients to help care for themselves.

Is Massage Therapy covered by insurance?

Yes, most extended health benefit packages have massage therapy as an insured benefit.  In most cases a physicians referral may be required but is usually simple to acquire.  Despite having coverage many individuals overlook using this commonly covered treatment.

What are the indications to attend Massage Therapy?

Many individuals are under the impression that they need to an specific problem to attend massage therapy.  Although some do, massage therapy can be of great benefit in the management of general muscle tension and physical and/or emotional stress.

What services does your trainer provide?

Our personal trainer offers many services including one on one semi-private training, buddy training, sport-specific training.  Additionally she runs group fitness and lifestyle classes such as bootcamps and very comprehensive lifestyle programs.

Who would benefit from a trainer?

All individuals can benefit from a trainer.  Our trainer is experienced working with individuals of all experience levels from athletes to those that have been quite sedentary.  Working in the environment with physiotherapists also allows her to work with those recovering from injury or disease.