Hip and Knee Replacement Rehab

Hip and knee replacement Rehabilitation - Services - Steelcity Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre – Selkirk Manitoba


Hip and knee replacement surgery, known as arthroplasty, has become a common surgical procedure used to manage the significant degeneration of hip and knee joints. The surgical techniques used have greatly improved over the years and are generally very successful in reducing pain and restoring a better level of function. The surgical procedure is only part of the process. A comprehensive rehabilitation program is associated with better long term outcomes.

Rehabilitation following these procedures can include education, massage, joint mobilization, modalities (to reduce pain and swelling) and a progressive exercise program.

At Steelcity we also have the benefit of having an in-house Aquatic Therapy pool. With the use of our therapy pool – which is kept at 94 degrees – the client is provided with an earlier start to exercise and weight bearing activities which can contribute to a safer and quicker recovery. Please see our Aquatic Therapy page for more information.

We, additionally, have a large gym space with a wide variety of equipment to help with strength and conditioning. As well, we can recommend functional exercises to help you return to normal daily activities.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding rehabilitation following hip or knee joint replacement surgery.