Semi Private Training

Semi Private Training - Steelcity Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre - Sports Injury - Post Surgical Therapy - Selkirk Manitoba


Semi Private Training - Steelcity Physiotherapy Wellness Centre

This is a service we have identified as crucial to providing a well-rounded approach to wellness. We all know exercise is beneficial to reduce numerous health risks, for weight control and to improve psychological well-being. Many are unsure how to get started with an exercise program that is safe, functional and produces results. Others require the guidance, monitoring and motivation of a trainer.

Our personal trainer's goal is to help you feel better mentally and physically through an individualized program that meets your needs. Semi-private training is for everyone regardless of current fitness level. Whether your goal is fat loss, to reduce health risks, mobility or athletic goals, our semi-private training is designed to meet your needs using expertise that will produce results. Our trainer will meet with you to discuss your history, goals and help to formulate a plan that will best meet your needs.  Sessions will be developed and supervised by one of our personal trainers.  Learning to exercise most effectively and efficiently, in a way that's right for you, will help you to make long term changes that reach your goals. We're here to support, guide and motivate you to your next level of fitness!

Strength and Conditioning

Are you an athlete that is looking to take your game to the next level? Strength and conditioning is a vital building block to creating functional strength, moving better and faster, minimizing muscle imbalances from sport that lead to injury, and ultimately improving as an athlete. Our trainer has experience working with athletes from a range of sports and levels and will provide programming that is not only sport-specific but takes into consideration your personal goals.